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At Mabest Academy, we pride ourselves on providing an exceptional educational experience that prepares our students for success in their future careers and beyond. We believe in nurturing each child's potential while instilling values that will guide them throughout their lives.Mabest Academy is home to both Mabest Elementary and Mabest Academy, offering a seamless educational journey from early childhood to high school.
In Mabest Elementary, we embrace the Montessori curriculum, focusing on practical life, sensorial learning, mathematics, language, and cultural studies to cultivate a strong foundation for our pupils. This hands-on approach encourages curiosity and creativity, allowing our young learners to thrive.

At Mabest Academy, we combine the best of both the British and Nigerian curricula to provide our students with a comprehensive and balanced education. Our commitment to academic excellence and personal growth ensures that our students develop the skills they need to become valuable citizens, self-reliant individuals, and effective leaders.

At Mabest Schools, we provide total training for our students with a view to making them great in their future careers. Here, we nurture our students to love and honour their parents when they become adults: this is the expectation of all parents. The school’s aim is to develop a curriculum that builds on students’ experiences and helps all students to become successful learners, valuable citizens, self-reliant individuals, and effective leaders.

Specifically, our curriculum aims to help our students:

Join us at Mabest Academy and experience an enriching and inspiring learning environment that supports each student on their path to greatness!

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Latest News Welcome Back to School
Mabest Academy resumed today, 22 April 2024, for the Third Term of the 2023/2024 Academic Session. Read More

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Introducing Our Esteemed Staff


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The School has exceptional facilities and the general level of teaching is outstanding.
On a personal level, my children has developed to a level beyond our expectations;
both academically and socially.

- Chief Joel Ale
Chief of Staff to Ondo State Government.
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Mabest Academy is a lovely school with outstanding teachers and excellent school community.
I always recommend Mabest to my friends and family.

- Mrs Omolola Fadumiye