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Our Curriculum

Mabest Academy curriculum is designed in such a way that all learners are prepared and challenged for the future because it meets the requirements of both the Nigerian system and the British system of Education.

Added Skills

At Mabest Academy, we teach not only but also prepare our students for the future. Our students are also trained in the following: Fishery, Animal Husbandry, ICT, Photography, Catering and Fashion designing.

What we do

At Mabest Academy, we prepare our Year 9 students for Nigerian Basic Education Certificate Examination(BECE) and the Cambridge Checkpoint while our Year 12 students are prepared for Cambridge IGCSE, SAT. WASSCE, UTME & IELTS.

A Word From The Management

Dear loving and hardworking parents,
Have you ever wondered why many people in the United Kingdom, United States or Canada retire to old people’s home? This is due to poor upbringing of children. Parents tend to emphasize formal education without infusing their wards with love and care. This foreign culture of neglecting aged parents is already creeping into our society. Our members of staff work assiduously to reverse this trend.

At Mabest Schools, we provide total training for our students with a view to making them great in their future careers. Besides, we nurture them to love and honour their parents when they become adults: this is the expectation of all parents as they desire to eat the fruits of their labour.

Specifically, our students’ performances in the Cambridge Examinations (Checkpoint, IGCSE and A-Level) have been exceptional! In addition, we present them for NECO, WASSCE, BECE, Federal and Junior State examinations. The results are always excellent.

The educational services provided by our schools encompass moral lessons, leadership and godly virtues, entrepreneurship skills, love for parents and patriotism. Mabest Schools develop complete children that are positioned to rule the world. Our strength is in the Lord. You are encouraged to take the positive step by enrolling your child in any of our schools: Mabest Elementary School or Mabest Academy.

Mabest Academy.

Safe and Secure

Honing Talents

MABEST ACADEMY is a co-educational school, structured to prepare each student for the journey of life by facing future challenges with determination and positivism to excel with the highest standard of morality. Our desire is to train, guide, encourage and support your children in the various phases of their early lives so that they can become transformational leaders.
The desire to bring back the fast fading moral, social and academic values in Nigeria is the most critical rationale behind the establishment of MABEST ACADEMY. Mabest Academy is the best private school in Ondo State for the 2017/2018 Academic session.

Safe and Secure
With our Electronic Student Attendance/Access Control System, we can track student attendance and tardiness, track students in the school and in the hallways, Issue ID cards RFID chips and scan then with mobile scanners, ink directly to any student information system and

assign warnings or detentions and notify parents. Other Security apparatus include;
(1)  24hrs CCTV Surveillance; Electric Fence;
(2) Anti-Bomb Detectors;
(3)  Fire Alarm System; and
(4)  Child Pick-Up System.

The Governing Board ensures that the welfare of the students, staff and academic standards are being upheld to the highest levels, and that the vision of Mabest Academy is being promoted by the School’s Senior Management.


Mabest Academy is committed to achieving academic excellence by using the best curricula.

What is curriculum? A curriculum is the combination of the ‘roadmap’ or ‘guideline’ of any given discipline. It is the combination of instructional practices, learning experiences and students’ performance assessment that are designed to bring out and evaluate the target learning outcomes of a particular issues.

Mabest Academy curriculum is designed in such a way that all learners are prepared and challenged for the future because it meets the requirements of both the Nigerian system and the British system of Education.

The school’s aims is to develop a curriculum that builds on student’s experiences and that helps all students to become successful learners, valuable citizens, self reliant individuals and effective leaders.


High Performance Approach

We use the High Performance Learning philosophy and framework in our school. This means that we believe that all the students can be high performers, and we teach with these expectations in mind.
Using the research-based High Performance Learning approach helps us to systematically build the cognitive competencies that lead a young person to thrive in school and in later life.

Eight (8) Reasons Why your Child should School at Mabest

  1. Secured Future: The future of your child is a matter of interest to us in the face of the various distractions that threatens desirable societal values. Our curriculum is specially developed to make your child a total Being.
  2. Safe Location: The school is easily accessible and secured.
  3. Quality and Standard remains our watchword: High standard of education and qualitative education are key to making our students excel anywhere and everywhere round the globe.
  4. High Moral Standards: A sound moral legacy has to be bequeathed to the youths; hence, we ensure that moral issues in relation to the child are not toyed with.
  5. All-round Education: Mabest Academy is focused on the total formation of children, while assisting them to tackle life’s challenges, through professional guidance and counseling.
  6. Adequate Infrastructure: Instructional materials and infrastructural amenities which will facilitate learning and keep the child happy and focused are generously provided.
  7. Quality Staff: Our academic and non-academic staff have been carefully recruited and extensively trained taking into cognizance their academic backgrounds, experiences and expertise. In order to ensure that they give their best, our employees are well remunerated and motivated.
  8. Core Values: The three ”Ts” of time, talent and treasure are at play in the process of coaching and mentoring our students. We consciously inculcate time management skills in students, while also helping them to discover and hone their talents, skills and treasures.

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   P.O. Box 2614, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

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