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Our Curriculum

Mabest Academy curriculum is designed in such a way that all learners are prepared and challenged for the future because it meets the requirements of both the Nigerian system and the British system of Education.

Added Skills

At Mabest Academy, we teach not only but also prepare our students for the future. Our students are also trained in the following: Fishery, Animal Husbandry, ICT, Photography, Catering and Fashion designing.

What we do

At Mabest Academy, we prepare our Year 9 students for Nigerian Basic Education Certificate Examination(BECE) and the Cambridge Checkpoint while our Year 12 students are prepared for Cambridge IGCSE, SAT. WASSCE, UTME & IELTS.

Our Code of Conducts

Living in students’ residential setting is a way of teaching and moulding the young ones to be responsible and disciplined. To this effect, there are rules and regulations that guide the boarding system at Mabest Academy.
These are here understated:

  1. No consumable items should be taken to the Hostel.
  2. Cheerfulness and hospitality are important among students. Bullying is forbidden. Any student found to be making life unbearable and uncomfortable for any other through bullying or the use of derogatory words will be expelled.
  3. Dangerous weapons such as knives, guns, etc. are forbidden. So are electronics and phones.
  4. Male students are not allowed in the female hostel and vice versa.
  5. Students are bonafide representatives of the school. They are expected to comport themselves with decency and dignity during special school events that attract guests or outside the school environment.
  6. Health is wealth. Every student must maintain cleanliness of rooms assigned.
  7. Students are required to comply with the daily activity schedules of their hostel such as wake up, morning devotion, siesta, lights out etc.
  8. Hostel facilities must not be vandalized. Culprits face serious sanction and surcharge.
  9. Acts of truancy of any form will be sanctioned.
  10. Stealing is a serious offence that may lead to summary expulsion.
  11. Smoking is prohibited.
  12. Any student caught indulging in immoral act, be it male to male, female to female or cross gender as the case may be or trying to influence his or her way on the junior ones along any of the aforementioned will be expelled from the school.
  13. Should there be suspicion of a student being in possession of any forbidden or prohibited item, the Head of Boarding is empowered to conduct a body search or a spot-check of the students wardrobe without any prior notice.
  14. Discrimination of any kind (gender, race, colour, religion, language or culture) is prohibited.
  15. While the School has made every reasonable effort to guarantee the safety and security of students and their possessions, it is the responsibility of students to ensure the safe-keeping of their personal items at all times. The school will not be liable for items stolen or misplaced due to the negligence or carelessness of the student.
  16. Staff residences are out of bound to students unless the Head of Boarding gives express permission to such student.
  17. No sports material is allowed in the hostel. Such materials like footballs, basketballs, soft balls are deposited with the teacher or Prefect in charge of games.
  18. Acts of disrespect or insubordination will not be tolerated.
  19. On no account should any Boarder go into the Hostel without being checked-in by the Officer-in-charge.

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